Izumi Ohwada
Izumi Ohwada is a young Japanese artist who is garnering attention on the international art scene, especially in Europe.

Although based in Japan, she has sought outlets for her work overseas. Her fresh and supple approach has a contemporary air but makes thoroughly natural use of traditional means of painterly expression.

Her imagery is enhanced by her fresh response to the motifs she has encountered and from the incidents and scenes she experiences in the course of her life. Her work encourages one to think that universal beauty is not derived from concepts and context, but spun gently and naturally from the gaze, the visual texture of everyday life.

-Gallery Sakura no Ki
Ginza, Japan

Izumi Ohwada fuses the real and the unreal. She transports us into the world she has created over the years: an eternal world of colors, forms, landscapes, fruits, and flowers. Izumi is a talented artist recognized around the world. I am very impressed by her artistic path.

-Jean Marie Zacchi
Président d’Honneur de la Société des
Artistes Français (Le Salon)

Izumi's painting reflects intense emotion and concentration. Her refined textures and original method of blurring of form are like floating poetry. I see considerable success for her as she continues to blossom into a great artist.

-Paul Ambille
Premier Grand Prix de Rome

I would compare her work to a lullaby I recall from time to time. I especially enjoy the strong spirituality and depth that permeates her canvases.

-Roger Bouillot
Art Critic Paris, France

While Izumi is a multitalented professional who can paint any motif, it is her ability to bring poetry to the canvas that I find most fascinating. She is an infinitely gifted artist with a bright future ahead of her.

-Toshifumi Magori
President of Club des Amis de L'Europe et des Arts